Diplomats in Seoul celebrate the 40th International Yongpyong Ski Festival during a banquet on Feb. 5 in the scenic city. Photo by Yeo Hong-il/Korea News Plus

Famous resort celebrates 50th year anniversary

Taking part in the 40th International Yongpyong Ski Festival last week, the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. congratulated the 50th anniversary of Yongpyong Resort, which was founded 50 years.

The event took place in Yongpyong, around 200 kilometers east of Seoul, between Feb. 3 and Feb. 5, drawing hundreds of foreigners, including foreign diplomats.

Included in the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. were Germany Amb. Michael REIFFENSTUEL, EU Amb. Maria CASTILLO FERNÁNDEZ, Netherlands Amb. Joanne DOORNEWAARD, Latvia Amb. Aris VIGANTS & his Mme., Estonia Amb. Sten SCHWEDE & his Mme., and Sweden Amb. Daniel WOLVÉN.

Alto joining the high-profile gathering were Belgium Amb. François BONTEMPS & his Mme, Swiss Amb. Dagmar Gudrun Christiane Elisabeth SCHMIDT TARTAGLI, Ukraine Amb. Dmytro PONOMARENKO & Mme., Chile Amb. Mathias Francke, and Tuerkiye Amb. Murat Tamer.

In the last day’s banquet wrapping up the three-day global event, Yongpyong Resort CEO Shin Dal-soon said: “I am very pleased that Yongpyong Resort can make a venue of communication and harmony along with 350 expariates communities including the Seoul Diplomatic Corps.”

“In particular, it is meaningful for us that Yongpyong Resort will be able to flourish another 50 years after commemorating its 50th anniversary this year,” he added.

Touching upon its long history spanning on last four decades, the Secretariat of the 40th Yongpyong Ski Festival said the event looked back on a long tradition and was first held in 1983 for the promotion of the domestic ski culture as well as fostering friendship and good fellowship amongst foreign residents in Korea.

Until this year, Germany Amb. Michael Reiffenstuel assumed the Committee Chairman position, according to the Secretariat.

Successive Committee Chairmans were H.E Nils Axel Nissen(ex-the Norway Ambassador to Korea, 1983-1986), H.E Gean-Bernard Ouvrieu (ex-the France Ambassador to Korea, 1987), H.E Reginald H. Dorrett (ex-the Canada Ambassador to Korea, 1988), H.E Hans-Peter Erismann (ex-the Switzerland Ambassador to Korea, 1989), H.E Felix-Mikl (ex-the Austria Ambassador to Korea, 1990-1993), H.E Gunnar H. Linderman (ex-the Norway Ambassador to Korea, 1994-1995),, H.E Brendan Moran (ex-the Ireland Ambassador to Korea, 1996-1999), H.E Torolf Raa (ex-the Norway Ambassador to Korea, 2000-2001), H.E Christian Muhlethaler (ex-the Switzerland Ambassador to Korea, 2002-2004), H.E Harald Sandberg(ex the Sweden Ambassador to Korea, 2005), H.E Christian Hauswirt (ex-the Switzerland Ambassador to Korea, 2006-2007), H.E Didrik Toenseth (ex-the Norway Ambassador to Korea, 2008-2011), H.E Eamonn Mckee (ex-the Ireland Ambassador to Korea, 2012-2013), H.E Francois Bontemps(Belgium Ambassador to Korea, 2014-2016), H.E Thomas Lehmann (ex-the Denmark Ambassador to Korea, 2017-2019), H.E Jakob Hallgren (ex-the Sweden Ambassador to Korea, 2020-2021) and last but not least H.E Michael Reiffenshtuel (German Ambassador to Korea, 2022-2023), respectively.