YG Entertainment chief Yang Hyun-suk, left, and former Big Bang member Seungri/Courtesy of YG Entertainment

YG chief also embroiled in scandal

Did disgraced former K-pop star Seungri, who is suspected of having arranged sexual services for overseas investors, learn how to entertain his guests from his boss?

Yang Hyun-suk, chief of Korea’s entertainment behemoth YG Entertainment, is also accused of having mediated prostitution services for foreign investors.

A Korean investigative TV program recently reported that Yang had solicited prostitutes for two South Asian investors midway through 2014.

Back then, the program alleged that Yang had dinner at an upscale restaurant in southern Seoul. There were high-ranking officials of YG Entertainment, and some 25 women and among them, more than 10 were prostitutes, it said.

An anonymous witness claimed in the TV program that after the dinner, they moved to a club, and the foreign investors chose the women they liked to go back to their lodgings together.

Also on the lips of the witness was Hwang Ha-na, who was allegedly present at the meal. Hwang was arrested last month due to suspicions of using and distributing drugs.

His ex-boyfriend of K-pop star Park Yoo-chun also admitted to having had drugs after he started meeting Hwang, the only granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Products founder. Namyang is one of Korea’s top dairy manufacturers.

YG Entertainment and Yang admitted that he attended the dinner meeting at the invitation of his acquaintance but dismissed the claims that there were any solicitations.

Yang, who gained popularity as a member of Seo Taiji and Boys during the 1990s, established YG Entertainment in 1996 to form a series of successful K-pop artists including 2NE1, Big Bang, and BlackPink.

Boy band Big Bang, which debuted in 2006, is composed of four members and one of them is Seungri, who now faces multiple criminal charges including embezzlement.

One of them is that the 28-year-old arranged prostitution services for foreign investors. Of note is that Seungri picked Yang as his role model last year.


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